Magnet 是一款Mac上优秀的窗口大小控制工具,Magnet类似于BetterSnapTool 、Divvy、Window Tidy等软件,都是为Mac提供了类似Windows 7的Aero Snap窗口自动拖拽缩放功能,比如最大化、左侧半大化、右侧半大化等,具体哪个好用就看自己体验了。

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Magnet 2 for Mac 2.2.0 介绍

每当您想将内容从一个应用程序复制到另一个应用程序、并排比较文件或任何其它方式的多任务时,您需要所有窗口都能相应地排列。Magnet 让这一流程变得整洁便利。您只需一次拖动窗口到边沿,就能将任何窗口捕捉到您的左、右、上或下半个屏幕中。将窗口拖动到角落,您则可以将它们捕捉到四分之一屏幕中。利用这些排列可以消除应用程序的切换,大大提高工作区的效率。



  • 支持左/右/上/下半屏
  • 支持全屏及所有四分之一屏
  • 通过拖动、可自定义的快捷键或通过“菜单条”启用
  • 同时在Retina显示屏和常规显示屏上运行
  • 支持高达六个外部显示
  • 可用于运行在10.8 Mountain Lion以后的所有 macOS 版本上
  • 已优化macOS 10.12 Sierra

Window Magnet will change the way you work with your Mac! Easily snap windows into various sizes and positions by simply dragging them to the edges and corners of the screen. Maximize them, place them side by side or deploy them into all four quarters of your screen in the blink of an eye.

  • Move and Resize. In just one drag you snap any window into left, right, top and bottom halves and into all four quarters of your screen.
  • Real Fullscreen. Go nice, full, edge-to-edge fullscreen by simply dragging any window to the top of the screen and don’t mess with that tiny green “zoom” button that almost never seems to do what you want it to.
  • Easy Restore. Return a window to its previous size by simply dragging it from its snapped position and it will pop back to the shape it had before.
  • Menu Bar Assistant. Access all features and preferences through menu bar icon sitting right at the top of your screen to be on hand any time you need it.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts. For all you keystroke lovers, use predefined keyboard shortcuts or create your very own ones that fit your needs.
  • External Display Support. Manage your bigger workspace at the speed of light, even on external display.
  • Switchers Friendly. If you’ve experimented with Windows 7, you may have used something very similar and will be pleased to have one of the greatest window management tools on your shiny new Mac.


  • Vertical screens are now supported.
  • Ultra-wide screens are now supported – Arrange windows into sixths by dragging them to the bottom edge of the screen. You can also use default keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+Alt+1/2/3/4/5/6 or create yours.
  • User-defined “Ignore” command now works reliably.
  • MacOS 10.13 High Sierra performance and stability is improved.